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  Hi Dan, my name is Jack Hendrickson and I recently bought a UpLULA universal pistol magazine loader from you.  What a pleasure to get something that delivers exactly what it is supposed to!  I am getting on a bit, and have arthritis in both my hands and in more joints than I care to count.  My carry gun is a Witness in 10mm.  It has a 15 round double stack magazine, and one of the strongest springs I've ever run into.  I've never loaded over 14 rounds, but it was really getting tough to get the last 3 or 4 in there.  The mag loader was easy to use, and being able to push down with my closed fist instead of my thumb did the trick!  Thanks again, and double thanks for the free shipping!  Living in Alaska means extra shipping charges from almost everyone.  I will be showing off the loader and telling everyone where I got it!  jack    (Published with Mr. Hendrickson's permission - 2/22/2016)

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