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UPLULA 9mm10mm .357 40 45 Pistol Loader - Now in Colors

The UPLULA Loader is not included. The 1911A1 Aligning insert is the gray attachment

1911AI™ Aligning Insert for 9mm-45 UpLULA™ & 22UpLULA™ loaders

See the chart below for magazine fit

22UPLULA for 22LR Wide & Conversion Pistol Magazines


22 LR, 25, 32, .380 Baby UPLULA with Unloader for Single Row Pistol Magazines - Pink or Black


X10-LULA™ & V10-LULA™ – .22LR narrow single-stack mags with projecting side button


X12-LULA™2 Pack – .22LR wide single-stack mags with projecting side button