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AR15 / M4 / M16 StripLULA™ – 5.56 / .223

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M-16 / AR-15 StripLULA


StripLULA™ for all M-16 / AR-15  5.56 / .223 metal and plastic magazines, including :

NATO STANAG 4179 / USGI, Beretta AR 70/90, P-Mag, Thermold, SIG SAUER, Lancer L5, etc.


      It's a stripper clip mag loader.(12 sec. loading a 30rds mag) The stripper clips are not included as they are normally purchased with the ammunition preloaded in them.

It's a 10 loose rounds mag loader.(40 sec. loading a 30rds mag)

It's a simple unloader* too.(15 sec. unloading a 30rds mag.) 


New official video clip – 2019:



M-16 / AR-15 10-round StripLULA™ loader and unloader for all such metal and plastic 5.56mm / .223 magazines, including PMAG’s and Lancer.

  • Loads from both 10-rd Stripper clips and 10 loose rounds.
  • A simple unloader.*
  • Small & durable. Loads 10, 20, 30, 40 & 100 round 5.56 / .223 magazines, like:

    M16 / AR15 / M4 USGI (NATO STANAG 4179)
  • Magpul PMAG
  • H&K metal 416 / SA80
  • Beretta AR 70-90
  • Thermold
  • Orlite
  • SIG Arms (black mags)


All-in-one 10rd stripper clip and loose rounds magazine loader and unloader*.

  • Fits all M-16 / AR-15 5.56mm type metal and polymer mags.
  • Eliminates fingers pain and injury.
  • Easy and quick loading.
  • 1/3 the size of competing loaders.
  • Prolongs magazine life.
  • Reliable in all weather.
  • Durable reinforced polymer.
  • Ambidextrous.


H&K/SA80 only Information

Heckler & Koch (H&K) Germany came out with a new "High-Reliability 30-Round Steel Magazine" for use

with AR-15 / M-16 / M-4 / SA-80 ifles. See picture below.

Our standard M-16 LULA™ loader & unloader fits and works well with this new magazine.


However, since this magazine catch (female) is not a through-hole as in regular NATO USGI M-16 mags.,

for which the LULA™ loader was originally designed, the LULA™ loader may slip away prematurely

from the magazine. This may start happening after loading / unloading several hundred magazines.


Either use the M-16 LULA™ knowing its limits, or use the our latest M-16 / AR-15  StripLULA™

which will load this magazine perfectly for a long time.

The new H&K 30 Round "High Reliability Magazine"

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